Speech : Support to Wilson A./Discours : Soutien à Wilson A.

Outrage Collectif’s speech in front of the Zurich courthouse during a gathering organized by « Alliance Against Racial Profiling » on Tuesday the 10th of April 2018, the opening day of the trial of Wilson A., victim of racial profiling and police brutality in 2009 on a tramway in Zurich. This gathering was in support of his trial against the 3 police officers that injured him and for all the victims of this type of violence.

The 3 police officers have now been cleared despite having insulted and severely injured Wilson A. who was turned by the state – the prosecutors hand in hand with the police officers – from being a victim to a threatening subject, classical rhetoric used by racist states to build up undefendable racialized bodies :


Discours d’Outrage Collectif en face du Palais de justice de Zurich pendant le rassemblement organisé par « Alliance Against Racial Profiling » le mardi 10 avril 2018 lors de l’ouverture du procès de Wilson A., victime de profilage racial et de brutalité policière en 2009 dans un tram à Zurich et en soutien à toutes les autres victimes de ce type de violence.

Les 3 policiers ont été disculpés malgré le fait qu’ils aient insulté et blessé gravement Wilson A, qui est passé du statut de victime à celui de sujet menaçant par l’action de l’état – c’est à dire du procureur main dans la main avec la police – rhétorique classique utilisée par les états racistes afin de construire d’indéfendables corps racialisés :


« We are part of Outrage Collective, we are an antiracist and revolutionary collective of people of color in the french part of Switzerland.

We support Wilson in his struggle with police brutality, and we are facing the same situation in the other side of this country.

In this country, police is doing the same to people of different colors:
In this country, police controls people of color everywhere
In this country, police harrasses people of color
In this country, police beats up people of color
In this country, police kills people of color
because in a racist state, police will remain racist

These are not the actions of isolated racist police individuals, but rather the conscequences of well organized control of black and brown people by this racist state and its institutions.
In the police station of Lausanne, when police take people of color there, they give them medicine without doctor advise. They give by force force people to take anti-anxiety medicine, to put them in unconsciousness and madness.

One month ago, police of Lausanne killed our friend Mike Ben Peter, a nigerian man, a father of two kids, in the street.
In november 2017, police killed Lamin Fatty, a 23 years old gambian guy, in police station. Nobody knows how it happened, but we know that he died in their hands.
In november 2016, in Bex police shot dead three bullets on Hervé Mandundu, a congolese man, in the stairs of his building. His family is still waiting for justice.

Nobody knows who will be next. Nobody knows if these killers will pay for their crimes, but we hope that for Wilson’s agressors it will be the case.

Justice for Hervé
Justice for Lamin
Justice for Mike
Justice for Wilson »

Outrage Collectif